Prologue: Linus' House Edit

Linus:"A sports banquet! Look, Charlie Brown, they're gonna' have a sports banquet RIGHT HERE in our town! They're gonna' invite Willie Mays and Bobby Hull and Arnold Palmer and... AND JOE SHLABOTNIK!! They're even gonna' to invite HIM!!!"

Charlie Brown:"He's MY hero! I'd get to meet him in person! Wouldn't THAT Be be great? I can see me now sitting at the same table with JOE SHLABOTNIK.."

Snoopy:" I can see me now sitting at the same table with Peggy Fleming.."

Linus writes a letter that goes like this:

"dear sir, enclosed is our money for 3 tickets to the sports banquet. If it is asking too much, may we sit at the same table as JOE SHLABOTNIK? he is my friends favorite ball-player. don't ask me why.

Charlie Brown:"Scratch out that last line!"

Lucy:"what are you all dressed up for?"

Linus:"Charlie Brown, Snoopy and i are going to a sports banquet... we're gonna' be dining with famous athletes.