Linus Van Pelt is the younger brother of Lucy Van Pelt, he is always clutching a blanket and sucking his thumb, without the blanket he becomes ill.

Lucy is extremely bossy and bullies him because of his childishness. He believes in the grand pumpkin, an entity who visits the pumpkin patch at midnight each Halloween and gives children presents who believe him.

One night Linus heard a loud drumming from his attic, he found a boardgame called Jumanji, he rolled the dice but didn't read his clue and was sucked in. He remained trapped in Jumanji for centuries, the time spent in the nightmarish jungle world drove him mad. In his broken state he became a hunter to survive but because his twisted mind he developed an insatiable bloodlust, killing anyone who crossed his path. He soon dropped the name Linus, calling himself Van Pelt.

Van Pelt soon encountered Alan Parish, another player trapped in the game, he would continue to plague Alan until he finally solved his clue and went home. Van Pelt to this day remains in Jumanji, hunting down and killing players foolish enough to play Jumanji.