These are a list of fan-fiction Peanuts TV specials created by Peanuts fans.


Name Plot
Happy Hannukah, Charlie Brown Linus and Lucy discover that they are part Jewish, so they ask if they can celebrate Hannukah and Christmas that year. They invite the rest of the Peanuts gang over for the first night of Hannukah, and they celebrate by playing with dreidels, eating latkes and chocolate gelt, learning Hebrew words, lighting the first candle one the menorah, and hearing Linus tell the story of the Macabees (using Charlie Brown caracthers, of course).               December 12 1999
It's Different Without Snoopy Snoopy gets a letter from Lila saying that the owner of her apartment is allowing Snoopy to stay there for a week. After finding out, the rest of the Peanuts gang try to see how life is like without Snoopy for a week. Nothing seems the same, so they have Spike, Snoopy's brother, to come stay with the gang for the week, and they have him act like Snoopy.    March 11 2000
It's A Baby, Charlie Brown After he sees how much fun that Rerun and Linus have, Charlie Brown wishes he will have a baby brother. Then, one day Charlie Brown finds out his mother is going to have a baby in 2 months. Charlie Brown gets really happy until he finds out, he has ANOTHER baby sister! Charlie Brown is first mad, but then gets over it becomes fond of her. April 9 2000
Who Will You Take, Charlie Brown? Charlie Brown wins a sweepstakes to go to L.A., but he is only allowed to bring 4 friends. So, his friends try to bribe him into bringing them. But, before he chooses his final decision, he finds out that he actually got second place in the sweepstakes, which means he gets to go to Omaha.  May 19 2000
I Am Your Father, Charlie Brown A Charlie Brown-style Star Wars episode that stars Charlie Brown as Luke Skywalker, Sally as Princess Leia (becuase of the brother/sister thing between Luke and Leia), Linus as Hans Solo, Snoopy as Chewbacca, Lucy as Darth Vadar, Woodstock as Yoda, and Schreoder as Obi Wan Kanobie. June 18 2000
Snoopy's Siblings' Stories Charlie Brown reads a book (that Snoopy writes) about the lives of Snoopy's siblings. November 17 2000
Peggy Jean's Back, Charlie Brown! Peggy Jean moves into the neighborhood, and she wants to Charlie Brown's girlfriend again! December 2 2000
Snoopy's Back in Space, Charlie Brown=== Snoopy and his brother Rover go through space to Mars. December 23 2000
You're in the Future, Charlie Brown!! Snoopy finds a time machine at the junkyard and accidentally transports him, Charlie Brown, Lucy, Sally, Linus, Schroder, Peppermint Patty, Marcie, and Spike to 2210. January 1 2001
It's Not Your Average Baseball Season, Charlie Brown Charlie Brown gets his baseball field better than ever with announcers, consession stands, tickets to see the game, even a large scoreboard because his father found $100,000 at his deceased uncle's house. However, Charlie Brown's team doesn't do too well with the first five games, only winning one because of forfit. Then, Milo, Leland, Austin, and Ruby from "It's an adventure, Charlie Brown" come to join his team. Will Charlie Brown win a game with these new team members?? March 2 2001
It's All About Rerun, Charlie Brown This special primarily involves Rerun and his adventures throughout the year. December 28 2001
It's Frosty the Snowman, Charlie Brown Frosty's hat is floating in the air and it acciently bumped Woodstock. Which causes him to be trapped in the hat and bumped into the tree (light Charlie Brown did in the beginning of A Charlie Brown Christmas). Woodstock is still stuck in the hat and bumped Snoopy while he is holding Linus' blanket and the kids (Peanuts gang), including Charlie Brown crashes each other off the ice. Charlie Brown look in the hat, got Woodstock out of the hat first, and see no name in the hat. Sally, Lucy, Linus, and the others suggested to make a big snowman in history. After that, Charlie Brown placed the hat on the head, and Frosty came to life. The gang are stocked by what they see and Frosty introduce himself. The gang has questions and played with him. The bullies (from Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown and He's a Bully, Charlie Brown) like to get revenge on the gang by snacthing Frosty's hat. They throwed tons of snowballs at them and one snowball hits Frosty's hat. The bullies' cat took it and Snoopy tried to fight him, but failed. The bullies destroyed the remaining body of Frosty. The bunny (from Frosty the Snowman) and the kids (from Frosty the Snowman, Frosty Return, Frosty's Winter Wonderland, and The Legend of Frosty the Snowman) heard that a magical snowman (Frosty) is here. They heard that the bullies had taken the hat and so the gang, kids, and the bunny faces the bullies to get the hat back. But, the bullies throwed the hat like a frisbee to them, and they noticed that the hat had been torn up. Which means, no more Frosty. They all cry and their tears is wetting the hat. But the hat is glowing and all the snow under it was winding up to a structure shape of Frosty. The hat landed on the head and Frosty came back to life. He noticed all of his old friends and all the kids, including the bunny, Snoopy, and Woodstock, sang "Frosty the Snowman". Before all the kids went home, they like to say goodbye to Frosty. Right before they left, Frosty's wife and kids showed up and told Frosty that his hat was blown away by the big storm at the North Pole. The kids went home and so does Frosty and his family. September 11 2001
He's Out Of Control, Charlie Brown! When Linus loses his blanket, he has those fainting spells like the ones in "a boy named charlie brown". While Charlie Brown takes care of Linus, Rerun and Snoopy must find it before Linus needs medical attention. Linus clung to the door pane as his world spun around like a caruosal. The outlines faded as Linus swayed from side to side. He suddenly couldn't breathe. His grip loosened on the pane as he felt faint. He fell backwards and crashed to the floor again. Charlie Brown propped him up again and Rerun ran to get another glass of water. He came back and splashed it on his brothers face. Linus jolted and sat up straight. March 8 2002
A Charlie Brown Christmas Carol Lucy has been a crab around Christmas. She took her brother's security blanket away and hid it, madefun of Charlie Brown, and etc. On Christmasnight, she's vistied by 3 ghosts and must change her ways or she'll be alone forever. December 21 2002
Kick the Football, Charlie Brown Poor Charlie Brown. He just wants to kick the football. But Lucy has plans of her own! Will Charlie Brown ever learn? March 9 2003
It's Time For School, Charlie Brown Charlie Brown faces another disaster at school when he enters the spelling bee. May 29 2003
It's A Home Run, Charlie Brown! This season Charlie Brown hopes his team will finally win a game. But it's not easy being the manager! Can Charlie Brown score the winning home run and save his team? May 31 2003
Lose the Blanket, Linus! Linus loves his blanket. In fact, Lucy thinks he's too attached. But can Linus do without his trusty blanket? Lucy wants to make him! October 13 2003
Lucy's Advice Lucy loves to give advice. Can she help Charlie Brown? He might need more advice than even Lucy can give! November 29 2003
It's Only a Game, Charlie Brown Sally is Snoopy, Marcie is Peppermint Patty, Peppermint Patty is Lucy, Snoopy is Linus, Linus is Schroeder, Schroeder is Charlie Brown and Lucy is Marcie, leaving poor Charlie Brown to dress up as his little sister Sally! Febuary 29 2004
She's Moving Away Charlie Brown Charlie Brown's beloved little red haired girl moves away (he still has to feed his dog amidst a broken heart and Linus gives him a little boot for not getting to know her when he had the chance!). May 30 2004
He's Your Hero Charlie Brown Charlie Brown has the chance to meet Joe Shlabotnik at a baseball banquet dinner and brings Linus and Snoopy. June 1 2004
You're the Last Airbender, Charlie Brown After disappearing 100 years ago, Linus and Lucy find a young Airbender named Charlie Brown destined to be the next Avatar. Along with Charlie Brown's flying-beagle, Snoopy, a winged lemur-bird, Woodstock, and a blind Earthbender named Peppermint Patty, Charlie Brown and friends head off to stop the war while being chased by the banished Firelord Prince, Schroeder. September 11 2004
It's Halloween Again, Charlie Brown October 19 2004
Spike is Back, Charlie Brown November 23 2004
Your a Winner, Charlie Brown May 28 2005
Fun With Peanuts October 15 2005
It's The Last Day Of School, Charlie Brown June 2 2006
A Charlie Brown Halloween October 20 2006
The Beagle Has Landed, Charlie Brown!

Charlie Brown and the gang have got space on the brain and Snoopy leads the way as the World Famous Astronaut! While the kids play space, Snoopy has got troubles of his own with The Cat Next Door, who has taken Snoopy’s supper-dish! Will our favorite beagle get his dish back in time for dinner or will he have to travel to the moon on an empty stomach?

October 27 2006

It's Tokyo Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown and Snoopy lead the charge as the gang’s baseball team is selected for an international tournament in Japan.

November 17 2007