P-Nuts Protectors is a Peanuts fanfiction written by the author Toonwriter on It is a story presenting the Peanuts gang as super heroes, pitting them against several villains from the franchise led by Joe Agate and Thibault, The Birchwood Brotherhood.


On an ordinary day at Charlie Brown's school a gas leak occurs, sending all the students and teachers to the hospital. But it was no ordinary gas leak. The gas, called Neomondium, is a special type of gas that grants the people who inhale it super human abilities! Naturally, people wish to take advantage of this. The conniving Joe Agate assembles a team of the super powered students to take over the town. Luckily, the Peanuts gang all have their own super powers, and are ready to stand up and defend their town. They become... The P-Nuts Protectors!