Well, since 2017, Cartoon Network in Canada launched a block called "Oh Wow!", which included current programming from Boomerang, on that block, it included the Normaal Peanuts series, but it was dubbed by canadian voice recording studio Brothers Dubatub, and it replaced the original american actors (with a new american cast even though the dub was made in Canada), nobody liked the dub due to the changes.

Changes Edit

  • Snoopy's Beagle Scouts were given different colors.
  • Crybaby Boobie's name was changed to Crybaby Melody.
  • Tennis Balls were given 8's.
  • Snoopy's house was recolored to Orange.
  • Lucy's line "I outta slug you.", and the word "Stupid" was omitted.
  • Peppermint Patty on some redubbed episodes get a F-.
  • Marcie had a more girly-like tomboy voice.
  • some Episode titles were changed. (such as "Novel Idea" being renamed to "Story Idea", and "Strike Out" was changed to "The Team". )
  • and the worst part of all, is when Sally Brown OF ALL PEOPLE, was given a more deeper voice than a 6-year-old girl voice, and Linus and Rerun was given a female voice.

Voice Actors Edit

  • Colin Dean (child actor) - Charlie Brown
  • Kendall Yeaman - Sally Brown
  • Kyra Bradford - Lucy Van Pelt/Peggy Jean/Crybaby Melody (Boobie)/Eudora/Lydia.
  • Jessica Storm - Linus Van Pelt/Marcie
  • Carissa Bazler - Frieda/Molly Volley
  • Adrian Ciscato - Franklin/Pig-Pen
  • Ever Anderson - Peppermint Patty/Rerun
  • Patrick McAuley - Schroeder
  • Andy Beall/Daniel Thornton - Snoopy/Woodstock