Charlie brown is dressed up like a clown in the intro welcoming the viewer to the silly songs show with some jokes at the intermission using "ME NO KNOW!". He introduces the gang to the viewer and encourages them to laugh. The kids also greet the viewer 1 at a time. Linus is dressed as a bear. Schroder is dressed up like a light blue alien. Sally is dressed like a yellow kitty cat. Pig pen is all clean for once and is dressed like Shermy who is dressed up like a silly moose. Marcie, Lucy, and Peppermint patty are dressed like they are in the navy. Franklin is dressed like a pirate. Violet is dressed like a giraffe, and Patty is dressed like snoopy. Snoopy is dark blue with lime green ears and sounds exactly like alphablock W form the Cbeebies show alphablocks in this special.